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Mazak develops collaborative robot system

June 10, 2021

Yamazaki Mazak, a leading machine tool builder, launched the automation cell “Ez LOADER 10”, which combines a collaborative robot and related accessories on June 1, 2021.

Ez LOADER 10 consists of FANUC’s collaborative robot “CRX-10iA / L”, a vision sensor, an aluminum stand, and a tablet terminal with built-in dedicated software. Users can automate the work of attaching and detaching the workpiece with this package. Target models include small and medium-sized multi-tasking machines of Mazak, CNC lathes, and vertical machining centers.

The biggest feature is that it can be set up easily and quickly. Ez LOADER 10 works just by connecting it to the machine tool with a cable and making initial settings by the tablet terminal. The minimum setup time is 15 minutes. It’s easy to relocate and to switch connections to other machine tools.

User can set the operation of Ez LOADER 10 simply by setting the workpiece on a dedicated workpiece table and inputting information such as the height of the workpiece into the tablet terminal. It is not required to do complicated teaching work.

The diameter of the workpiece that can be handled is φ50 to 200 mm, and the length is 25 to 100 mm. The maximum workpiece mass is 5 kg. The main unit price starts from 8.2 million yen excluding tax. Mazak aims to sell 100 units a year.

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