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Brother Industries and OSG jointly hold a seminar

June 21, 2021

Brother Industries, a builder of compact machining centers, and OSG, a major cutting tool maker, jointly held an online seminar for the first time on May 28, 2021.

Brother Industries introduced the machining center (MC) “SPEEDIO W1000Xd1” with a spindle taper BT30. W1000Xd1 is equipped with a table with a width of 1100 mm and a depth of 500 mm, and has a wide machining area equivalent to that of the BT40 MC. Brother Industries showed a video demonstration of aluminum inverter cases’ six surface machining for automobiles at high speed.

OSG introduced four types of cutting tools that maximize the performance of the W1000Xd1. The highlight is the thread mill for non-ferrous “AT-2 R-SPEC” released in May, 2021. The person in charge emphasized that “It enable to machine pilot hole and a female thread at the same time with a single tool, and high-efficiency machining can be performed by combining with SPEEDIO.”

Both companies are going to take place a second joint seminar on June 23rd.

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