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Brother strengthens development of Asian market

April 30, 2021

Brother Industries, which manufactures printers and machine tools, is focusing on developing the Chinese and Indian markets.

Brother expanded the plant of its Xian manufacturing facility in China, which manufactures machine tools, and started operations in April. The total investment is about 900 million yen. The extension is a one-story building with a total floor area of ​​approximately 9,000 square meters. Brother will increase its production capacity by expanding its Xian plant to meet the increasing demand of machine tools in the Chinese market. The production capacity will be doubled.

Besides, the company relocated and expanded the machine tool showroom “Brother Technology Center Bengaluru” to Bengaluru in India. The showroom was established in March 31, 2021. The area of ​​the showroom is 300 square meters, which is seven times larger than conventional one. Brother will not only increase the number of machine tools on display, but will also exhibit peripherals and automation equipment to strengthen solution proposals.

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