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Brother Industries establishes a showroom

October 27, 2020

Brother Industries started operation of the machine tool showroom “Brother Technology Center” on the premises of the Kariya factory in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture on October 19, 2020. The investment amount is 1.05 billion yen, and the total floor area is about 2,500 square meters.

The company relocated and expanded its existing showroom, which was small, and built a new Brother Technology Center, taking business expansion into account.

A showroom was set up on the first floor. The exhibition space in the showroom is 900 square meters, which is about 2.4 times larger than conventional one. In addition to increasing the number of machine tools on display, Brother Industries works on proposing machining technology solutions in collaboration with peripheral equipment manufacturers such as tool holders and cutting tools. Besides, a seminar room accommodating up to 112 people has been established on the second floor.

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