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MECT2019 Report: The keyword is automation(1/2)

December 6, 2019

MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2019 (MECT) was held at Port Messe Nagoya, Minato-ku, Nagoya, for four days from October 23 to 26, 2019. Visitors tend to be working at the machining site. There were many proposals which can be used at machining site. The products and systems for automation were seen everywhere at the venue.

90,000 people visited in the period of the technological change

Aichi Prefecture is the regions where the automotive industry and other manufacturing industry are very popular and MECT was held. Therefore, many workers at machining site tend to visit MECT. The number of visitors has exceeded 90,000 since 2013. This time, the number of visitors reached 90,244 (including 1,257 from overseas). MECT2019 attracted 477 exhibitors and organizations occupying 1,941 booths, fully using the venue’s exhibition capacity from Hall 1 through 3. The venue was filled with people for capital investment and collecting the information even though the market appears to have been slower.

The opening ceremony was held on October 23, 2019 on the first day. Yuko Tamai, director, industrial machinery division of manufacturing Industries bureau from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Yukio Iimura, chairman of Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association and others attended the opening ceremony.

Dr. Masahiko Mori, president of DMG MORI said on behalf of the exhibitors, “Now is the time for major technological changes such as automation and next-generation communication standards (5G) for the first time in 10 years. Under such situation, I hope MECT will be the place which make a good step up for each company from 2020.”

Robots are seen everywhere

Many exhibitors proposed automation using robots. The automation proposal was showcased as a solution to relieve labor shortages and reduce the burden on workers. One of the visitors said, “I would like to know how to use robots which I could not catch up with before.”

The visitors seem to be highly interested in the automation. The project by organizer called Concept Zone also prepared the exhibition on the theme of robots. In the Hall 3, there were many machine tool builders which demonstrated automation in combination with machines.

Amada Holdings showcased a reference exhibit of an automation system which the FANUC collaborative robot CR-14iA / L was equipped with optical profile grinder GLS-150GL UP”.

It is possible to do roughing to finishing of profile grinding with just a one machine. The machine can be used from roughing to semi-finishing at night, and skilled craftsmen can finish it during the day by exchanging grindstone and workpieces with a collaborative robot. It enables to improve productivity.



BROTHER INDUSTRIES unveiled the compact machining center SPEEDIO M200X3 for the first time in Japan. SPEEDIO M200X3 was exhibited in combination with the 4-axis loading system BV7-870 specializing in workpiece attachment and detachment.



FUJI showed off the front facing twin spindle lathe CSD300II in combination with the reference industrial robot Smart Wing H1 and attracted the attention of visitors. In the Hall 2, many proposals for automatic measurement systems combining 3D measuring machines and inspection devices with robots were seen.


……The second part of this article will be uploaded on December 6th.

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