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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Ancillary equipment for machine tools (3/3)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.



NSK (Hall 7, Stand B34) will propose solutions to customers’ issues on the theme of “more than precision.” What the company recommends the most is NSKROBUST SURSAVE cage that can be applied to spindle ball bearings. The catchphrase is “ultra-high speed angular contact ball bearing.” High speed and high accuracy machining are realized.

Target markets are automobiles, aerospace, medical equipment, semiconductors, and precision machinery.


Brother Industries / BV7-870

Brother Industries (Hall 27, Stand A76) will present the new model of multi-tasking machine and proposes solutions on the themes of automation and process integration. The company will display a compact multi-tasking machine as a new product. It is for large workpieces that are not possible with conventional machines.

Brother Industries’ most recommended product is BV7-870 of its original loading systems. It is an option for SPEEDIO. It will be exhibited at EMO for the first time and the demonstration will be conducted assuming the manufacturing sites. The catchphrase is “simple and compact.”

The three main features are as follows: 1. It specializes for loading /unloading workpieces. 2. It is compactly installed on the side of machine. 3. The controller is incorporated in machine’s control box.

BV7-870 consists of 4 axes. The total length of the arms is 870mm, and the arm lengths of J1 and J2 are 475mm and 395mm respectively. The automobile and machinery are expected to the target market.


Magnescale / SQ47/SQ57

Magnescale (Hall 6, Stand D2) will display the SQ47/SQ57 of SmartSCALE, which is excellent in anti-environmental capability and realizes IP67 without air purge, as its flagship. It realizes resolution 5nm, has excellent high-speed responsiveness due to contactless feedback scale, and newly responds to long sized workpiece, the BISS, and the multi-head.

The catchphrase is “non air purging and high resolution magnescale”, with the following three main features: 1. It has a wide gap and clearance tolerance. 2. It realizes 5nm high resolution. 3. It has a sealed structure with IP67 grade.

The effective length is 90 to 6,240mm in SQ47, 70 to 6,270 in SQ57. Precision machinery is the target market.


Mitutoyo / MiSTAR 555

Mitutoyo (Hall 6, Stand D47) will show off some of the finest measuring equipment worldwide including the new shopfloor typed cantilever-design Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) MiSTAR at the near future style booth, along with groundbreaking Internet of things (IoT) solutions.

What Mitutoyo Europe recommends the most is MiSTAR 555, a CMM. The catchphrase is “top quality for rough environments.” The measuring range of the XYZ-axis is 570×500×500mm, and the maximum allowable length measurement error is 2.2+3L/1000μm. The temperatures to ensure accurate measurements are between 10℃ and 40℃.

The three main features are as follows: 1. It is a compact cantilever design, limited foot-print, and three sides open for loading/unloading. 2. It is STVC-20 ABS scale, absolute scale, no homing, time-saving at start-up. 3. The wide temperature range between 10℃ and 40℃ guarantees accuracy, designed for rough production surroundings. Target markets are automobiles, aerospace, electrical and electronic components, energy-related, medical equipment, semiconductor, precision machinery, and job shops.


Tokyo Chokoku Marking Products / Patmark PM-BA 

Tokyo Chokoku Marking Products (Hall 11, Stand D42), a 100-year-old stamping machine manufacturer, will demonstrate dot-type stamping machines and new products. The demonstrations are scheduled to take place every day during the session. Visitors will be able to make samples at the venue if they bring their workpiece.

The top recommendation is Patmark, PM-BA of industrial marker. Its catchphrase is

“Digital Punch. A safe hammer-free experience.” The three main features are as follows: 1.  Carry and mark with “Digital Punch”. 2. Marks in any orientation. 3. Marking on hardened material HRC62.

The marking area is 33×15mm, the battery is 25.2V and 3.0Ah, and the AC adapter corresponds to the AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz. The target market is the automotive industry and machinery.

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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature

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Machining centers (2/2)

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Ancillary equipment for machine tools (1/3)

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Ancillary equipment for machine tools (3/3)

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Cutting tools (2/2)

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