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Sodick establishes plant in China

July 13, 2021

Sodick, a builder of electric discharge machines and injection molding machines, announced on June 30, 2021 that it will establish a plant in site adjacent to the China Amoy Factory in Xiamen, China. The production items are electric injection molding machines and food machinery. The construction cost is about 1.4 billion yen. The site area is 13,753 square meters, and the building area of the new plant is 12,149 square meters. The plant is scheduled to finish construction in June 2022.

In China, there is a need for high-precision parts machining for next-generation communication standards (5G) and electric vehicles, and demand for Sodick’s injection molding machines has been expanding. Besides, demand of food machinery also has been increasing. Therefore, the company will build a new plant for injection molding machines and food machinery to increase its supply capacity.


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