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[MECT2021 #2] MECT2021 to be held with 1,796 booths

September 28, 2021

News Digest Publishing, the publisher of SEISANZAI Japan, and Aichi industrial Distributor’s Association held a press conference on September 22, 2021 to announce the outline of MECT2021.

MECT is a machine tool trade fair held in odd-numbered years at Port Messe Nagoya in Nagoya City’s Minato Ward. The theme is “Let’s Find Something”. As of September 21, the number of exhibitors is 426 companies and organizations with 1,796 booths. There will be 197 machine tools including large and small machines, and 17 forging and sheet metal machines on display. In addition, 982 new products announced within the past year will be exhibited.

MECT always has a “Concept Zone“, a special program by organizer. This year’s theme is “CHANGE THE FUTURE ~AUTOMATION SYSTEMS FOR NEW ERA~”. The organizers will focus on industrial robots and introduce the latest automation solutions.

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