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Honda works on avatar robot

October 6, 2021

On September 30, 2021, leading car maker Honda has announced that it will works on the development of an avatar robot.

The greatest merit of an avatar robot, which can act as a second self of the user, is that the user can perform tasks and experience things without being there in person, including the realistic sense of handling objects remotely. What will become the core of the realization of such an avatar robot is the multi-fingered robotic hand developed while leveraging Honda’ strengths in robotics technologies and Honda’s original AI-supported remote control function. Therefore, Honda strived for an avatar robot which is capable of using its multi-fingered hand to make full use of tools designed for human use and performs complex tasks quickly and accurately based on the AI-supported and more intuitive control by the user.

Honda is currently working on downsizing the hardware and further improvement of the precision of robotic hand movements such as “grasping” and “manipulation.” Honda is striving to begin technology demonstration testing of the Honda Avatar Robot before the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, with a vision to put it into practical use in the 2030s.

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