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Honda offers new charging service for EVs with reasonable price in Europe

March 4, 2020

Honda announced on March 4, 2020, that it would introduce an energy management service for EVs called e: PROGRESS, in Europe in 2020. e: PROGRESS is a service that allows EVs to be charged when the demand for electric power is low and the cost is cheap. According to Honda, it will be the first car service in Europe. e: PROGRESS user enters the amount of charge required for the smartphone application and connects the EV to a home charger such as the Honda Power Charger. Then, through a system called GridShare by Moixa, the user can use the variable electricity rate provided by the power company Vattenfall to automatically charge at the time of the lowest electricity cost. Honda will begin providing services in the UK by 2020, with plans to roll out to Germany and other European countries.

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