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FUJI supports housing for the elderly through public-private partnership

May 10, 2024

FUJI, a manufacturer of robots for assembling electronic components and machine tools, and Nomura Development (Aichi, Japan; President: Tomoyuki Nomura) jointly announced on March 29 that they will conduct the “Elderly Housing Support Experimental Project”. The project aims to solve the current problem in Japan of reluctance to rent housing to the elderly.  

FUJI is developing a health-monitoring system for elderly people living at home alone, as a product for care and healthcare. The system uses motion and door sensors to collect data on daily activities, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the data. The system sends a push notification to the user’s smartphone when something unusual is detected. The system aims to help the elderly remain independent at home by detecting frailty early and providing preventative intervention. 


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