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THK’s “OMNIedge” IoT service for manufacturing’s AI diagnosis service for rotary components

April 13, 2023

THK has expanded its “OMNIedge” Internet of Things (IoT) service for the manufacturing industry to include “AI Diagnosis Service (ADV)” for rotating components.

The maintenance of motors, pumps, fans and other rotating components that are essential to process automation in factories involves numerous components even in a single factory, as well as daily inspections. In addition, the threshold settings for the sensors used to detect abnormalities are different for each rotating component, making it difficult for maintenance personnel to set such a large number of parameters, resulting in machines being operated without the appropriate threshold settings. To solve this problem, THK has added the AI Diagnostic Service (ADV) to its rotating component solutions, making it possible to understand the status of rotating components with a health score.

The ADV uses an algorithm to calculate health scores, eliminating the traditional hassle of setting thresholds. Instead, the ADV calculates health scores based on vibration and temperature data to diagnose the condition of components. The ADV dramatically changes the maintenance of large numbers of rotating components by providing simple and easy-to-understand failure predictions and maintenance recommendations. In addition, correlations between pre- and post-maintenance data changes can be created and presented in reports.

By combining the ADV with traditional remote monitoring capabilities, synergistic effects can be achieved, such as reducing inspection time, identifying and implementing optimal maintenance timing, and reducing the time required to generate maintenance reports.

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