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Komatsu NTC makes its Chinese production base a wholly owned subsidiary

March 4, 2022

Komatsu NTC (Nanto City, Toyama, Japan) has made YIDA NIPPEI MACHNE TOOL (a joint venture with YIDA Group and a production base in China) a wholly owned subsidiary of its company on February 15, 2022, to strengthen its business strategy in China. The company held discussions with the joint venture partner, YIDA Group, and agreed to dissolve the joint venture and purchased all the holdings of YIDA Group. On the same date, the company name was changed to “KOMATSU (DALIAN) MACHINE TOOL”.

NTC has determined that it is necessary to speed up decision-making and respond quickly to customer needs by making KDM a wholly owned subsidiary.

In the future, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, NTC will strengthen the backup system from Japan and aim for further development of its business in China.

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