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iREX2022: Don’t miss the latest in robot technology! (1/2)

March 7, 2022

International Robot Exhibition 2022 (iREX2022) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo for four days from March 9 to 12, 2022. The number of exhibitors will be 615 companies and organizations, and the scale of the exhibition will be the largest ever, with 3227 booths. Under the theme of “The way towards a friendlier society, bridged by robots”, robot-related companies will showcase their latest products and technologies. SEISANZAI Japan will introduce the outline of iREX and the exhibits of each company in advance of the starting of iREX in two parts.


615 exhibiting companies and organizations

People using the free loop bus to get around the large iREX venue.

iREX is called “one of the world’s largest robotics exhibitions,” and has been held every two years since 1974. This year’s

event will be the 24th. The previous exhibition was held from December 18 to 21, 2019, with 637 exhibitors and 3,060 booths, and it attracted a record 141,133 visitors from 64 countries. This year’s exhibition will be held with 615 exhibiting companies and organizations, with careful preparation for the COVID-19 infection prevention. The scale of the exhibition is expected to be the largest ever, with 3,227 booths, 167 more than the last time. It will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in East Halls 1 to 8 and West Halls 3 to 4.

New Logistics Zone

In the East Hall, the main venue, there will be an “Industrial Robot Zone”, “Robot SIer Zone” and “Service Robot Zone”. Robot manufacturers and system integrators will exhibit their latest products and technologies in each zone. This year’s exhibition will also feature a new “Material Handling Robot Zone” to propose robotics and automation technologies for the logistics industry, and a “Parts Feeder Zone” to exhibit parts feeders and other equipment. The West Hall, on the other hand, will host lectures, seminars, and parallel events and exhibitions. Of particular note is “International Space Industry Exhibition ISIEX ZONE”, which will feature robots, products, and services specific to the space development business.

For the first time, iREX2022 will also feature an online exhibition. The online exhibition will be held from Marzyuch 1-18, 2022, at (, which prepares both Japanese and English sites. iREX Online will provide exhibitors’ online exhibits and exclusive webinars.

Tomorrow, we will feature the key players exhibiting at iREX2022.

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iREX2022: Don’t miss the latest in robot technology! (2/2)

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