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Mitsubishi Electric appeals high productivity at PS

April 20, 2018

Mitsubishi Electric held a private show, “MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Mechatronics Fair 2018” on February 23, 2018, at TOYO MACHINE in Shimizu ward, Shizuoka City, where the company manufactures EDM machines on consignment.

This event was attended by 100 people (= photo). “The manufacturing industry is robust, so there is a growing appetite for investment in equipment renewal,” said Yasuyuki Tsuuki, director of mechatronics department at the Chubu branch of Mitsubishi Electric.

Aire EDM “MP 1200” and die-sinking EDM “EA 12 S” were exhibited at the venue. The MP1200 is capable of high-precision machining of motor cores for hybrid and electric vehicles, while the EA12S offers high productivity. In addition, a laser-cutting machine and a large-scale electrical discharge machine “MV4800” were also on panel display.

Mitsubishi Electric appealed to the high accuracy and productivity required for the production of automotive components and precision die and mold.

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