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Mitsubishi Electric expands Chinese factories

November 1, 2017

Mitsubishi Electric’s Chinese subsidiary in Changshu city will double the size of its second plant and begin operations in October 2018.

The building will have a total floor area of 21,000 square meters on two floors with a total area of 10,500 square meters. The total investment for the buildings and facilities together will be approximately 3.0 billion yen.

The plant will be a base for manufacturing CNC units and servo motors for Chinese markets. Mitsubishi Electric just put its second plant into operation in April 2017. The company has decided to expand its market in China, as the manufacturing industry is becoming more automated and labor-saving, and demand is expected to grow in the future. The company will also introduce an energy-management systems that utilizes its self-developed IoT solution “e-F@ctory”.

In China, the “Made in China 2025” strategy, a national project that aims to upgrade the manufacturing industry through the use of Internet of Things technologies, is being promoted. For this reason, there is a great interest in the factories where state-of-the-art IoT systems are introduced. The company positions its own factories as model factories for “e-F@ctory”. It intends to use this solution to expand its use in China.

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