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Robot arm inspects facilities at Mitsui Chemicals Osaka plant

July 20, 2022

Hibot, a start-up company from Tokyo Institute of Technology, inspected an industrial infrastructure with its “Float Arm”, an articulated robotic arm. The facility inspected was at the Mitsui Chemicals plant in Osaka, and this was the first time that Float Arm was utilized to inspect an industrial facility in Japan.

Float Arm is compact and lightweight, with an internal weight-compensation mechanism. It can avoid obstacles and obtain visual images of areas that were previously difficult to inspect without scaffolding in place.

About hibot

Established in 2004, hibot is a robotics start-up originating from within the Tokyo Institute of Technology, committed to realizing a safer and more sustainable world by creating new trends in infrastructure inspection and maintenance. Hibot develops and utilizes AI-powered remotely controlled robots that allow human beings to be removed from dirty, dangerous or demanding working environments.



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