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Epson signs partnership with WWF

March 15, 2023

Seiko Epson signed an international corporate partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on March 2, 2023, to cooperate in conservation efforts. The partnership will last for three years and will focus on the conservation and restoration of forests around the world. This is the first time that a Japanese company in the electrical and precision industry has joined this partnership.

The partnership aims to realize a “sustainable society where people and nature coexist” through cooperation between the company and WWF. The three main activities expected of the company through this partnership are: reducing the environmental impact of its operations, raising awareness and promoting it internally and externally, and providing financial support for environmental conservation projects. Sadayosi Tobai, Chief Executive Officer of WWF Japan, commented, “Conservation activities are taking place all over the world, but we also need a corporate approach. Working with companies that use natural resources will help reduce the environmental impact of their business activities. Through these activities, we also aim to publicize and promote environmental protection to society as a whole”.

As a printer company, Seiko Epson believes in the need to use paper resources responsibly. As part of the company’s “Environmental Vision 2050,” a set of guidelines for activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society by 2050, Seiko Epson has decided to form a partnership with WWF. The company will support WWF’s conservation activities in seven regions, including Southeast Asia and South America, through 2026, and plans to donate 240 million yen over a three-year period for these activities. Yasunori Ogawa, President and Representative Director of the company, said, “There are limits to the environmental protection activities of our company alone, and by cooperating with WWF, a global conservation organization, we can expand the scope of our activities. We hope that this will deepen our knowledge of environmental protection and provide an opportunity to create new ideas.

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