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Yaskawa launches “Realize 25”, a new mid-term business plan

May 18, 2023

On May 16, Yaskawa Electric announced the start of its mid-term business plan “Realize 25” (FY2023-2025), which is the last mid-term business plan of its long-term business plan “Vision 2025” (FY2016-FY2025). For the fiscal year 2025, the company targets sales revenue of 650 billion yen and operating profit of 100 billion yen, compared with 556 billion yen and 68.3 billion yen, respectively, for the fiscal year 2022.

Based on the Yaskawa Principles, the company is striving to strengthen its business activities centered on the “i3-Mechatronics *1” solution concept in order to achieve its “Vision 2025” long-term business plan and contribute to solving its customers’ business challenges and realizing a sustainable society.

Click here for more information on Yaskawa Electric’s “Realize 25” mid-term business plan for FY2023 to FY2025:


*i3-Mechatronics: Combination of “mechatronics” (proposed by Yaskawa in 1969, a word that combines mechanism and electronics) and the three “i” (integrated, intelligent, innovative), which stands for a solution concept that contributes to solving customers’ business challenges.


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