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Hot Product PickUp! Increase labor savings and efficiency on the jobsite – Part3

June 9, 2023

Manufacturing and logistics facilities face many problems, such as labor shortages and operator fatigue when handling heavy materials. To help solve these problems, material handling equipment manufacturers develop and offer automated storage systems, automated conveyor systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Each product offers a wide range of capabilities, such as automated storage systems that easily issue transport orders, conveyors that excel in positioning accuracy, or software that easily sets up transport routes. In this three-part series, SEISANZAI Japan highlights the latest and top-selling products from 15 material handling equipment manufacturers.



Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

MiR Series

Mobile Industrial Robots

MiR is a series of AMRs that can handle a wide range of payloads from 100 kg to 1350 kg and can be easily implemented without changing the existing production layout. AMRs from MiR work safely with people and provide mobile robots that comply with relevant safety standards. The open platform allows customization with different modules such as racks, lifts and collaborative robots. Data can be shared between robots, making it easy to add new robots.


AiTran Lift


This guideless AMR automates in-plant transport and load lifting and unloading. Equipped with omni-wheels and capable of moving in all directions, it can pick up and transfer loads regardless of the direction of the truck. The “D-Broad” wireless power supply system automates charging. With additional options, the system can be converted to the “AiTran Trailer”, a dolly/cart tow type, or the “AiTran Fork”, an AGF. Reference:

PEER Series


PEER is a series of AMRs that help pick shipments in distribution centers. The robot moves to the shelf where the items to be shipped are stored and pauses. A tablet device attached to the robot then displays the product to be shipped. The operator picks up the item from the shelf and places it on the robot, which then carries the item to the shipping work area.  No extensive installation is required, and the system can be quickly installed in existing distribution centers, even during operations, with no disruption to service.


Case Handling Robot



A case handling robot that uses a unique algorithm (problem solving protocol) to achieve efficient case picking. Capable of handling multiple cases simultaneously with a maximum payload of up to 300 kg. Autonomous navigation eliminates the need for orbital devices and supports automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging. In addition to automatic obstacle avoidance, the robot is equipped with various safety features such as crash prevention and emergency alarm stop. Automatic fork width adjustment allows a single unit to handle cases of different sizes.


Software Package


Panasonic Advanced Technology Development

@mobi is a software package that can be installed in a conventional AGV to operate it as an AMR system. It is provided as a package, including sensors and hardware at the user’s request, allowing easy setup of an AMR system. Simply specify the AMR’s destination and transit points with the software, and the system will generate the shortest route and move autonomously. A powerful self-positioning estimation function enables guideless travel within and between facilities. Optionally, the system is capable of traveling on slopes and uneven terrain.



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