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Hot Product PickUp! Increase labor savings and efficiency on the jobsite – Part2

June 8, 2023

Manufacturing and logistics facilities face many problems, such as labor shortages and operator fatigue when handling heavy materials. To help solve these problems, material handling equipment manufacturers develop and offer automated storage systems, automated conveyor systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Each product offers a wide range of capabilities, such as automated storage systems that easily issue transport orders, conveyors that excel in positioning accuracy, or software that easily sets up transport routes. In this three-part series, SEISANZAI Japan highlights the latest and top-selling products from 15 material handling equipment manufacturers.


Linear Conveyor


Yamaha Motor

A highly efficient conveyor system that achieves high productivity based on the “from flow to move” concept. The maximum load capacity has been doubled from the previous model to 30 kg by updating the software. The workpiece is placed on a carriage that moves independently, which was not possible with conventional conveyors, and is transported, stopping at the assembly work position with high precision. After assembly, the workpiece is transported directly to the next process, greatly improving line space efficiency.


Guideless Floating Conveyor System

XPlanar mover

Beckhoff Automation

The guideless floating conveyor system consists of tiles with coils and movers with built-in permanent magnets. The principle of magnetic flotation allows the mover to move freely over the tiles without friction with the tiles. The mover has six degrees of freedom, allowing it to rotate and tilt, as well as move in planar and vertical directions. The tiles can be positioned according to the location where the system is installed, allowing for flexible layout of the conveyor system.


Automated Conveyor Systems

id-SORTER Series

Itoh Denki

An automatic conveyor system that constructs a conveyor path by connecting modules consisting of a “Power Moller”, a roller with a built-in brushless motor, and a controller. The product line includes the MABS (Multi Angle Ball Sorter), in which the sorting ball rotates at an arbitrary angle to sort materials at an appropriate angle, and the Vertical Roller Guide, in which guide rollers are installed on the sides to reduce friction between materials and walls and improve conveying performance.



Rinova AGF

Toyota Industries

Rinova AGF is an automated guided forklift (AGF) based on a reach truck. Depending on site conditions and work, unmanned and manned operation can be switched at the touch of a button. Four operation control methods are available: (1) manned operation, (2) magnetic guidance method, (3) laser SLAM method, and (4) laser reflector method. The optimum system can be selected according to the application and environment, contributing to increased work efficiency.


Self-Propelled Robot


Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Self-propelled robot suitable for loading/unloading workpieces and picking parts from storage shelves. The body design is compatible with the factory aisle width of 800 mm recommended by JIS standards, making it easy to operate even in narrow aisles. A single teach pendant (control panel) can be used to operate both the arm and the cart. Non-contact charging is also available as an option, and long-term operation is possible by placing a charging station in the aisle.


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