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Hot Product PickUp! Increase labor savings and efficiency on the jobsite – Part1

June 7, 2023

Manufacturing and logistics facilities face many problems, such as labor shortages and operator fatigue when handling heavy materials. To help solve these problems, material handling equipment manufacturers develop and offer automated storage systems, automated conveyor systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Each product offers a wide range of capabilities, such as automated storage systems that easily issue transport orders, conveyors that excel in positioning accuracy, or software that easily sets up transport routes. In this three-part series, SEISANZAI Japan highlights the latest and top-selling products from 15 material handling equipment manufacturers.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Skypod system


Skypod, a three-dimensional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with a maximum payload of 30 kg, automatically raises and lowers storage racks to retrieve and deliver goods to order pickers. It combines high-density storage with speed, increasing warehouse throughput by up to five times. It also combines a high degree of flexibility and scalability that can be optimized according to warehouse space and business needs. In Japan, UNIQLO and Yodobashi Camera have adopted the system.

Compact System


The Compact System is an ASRS that temporarily stores finished goods coming off the factory production line until the time of shipment, preventing line stagnation without manual intervention. When used in the production process, the system allows temporary storage of raw materials and work-in-process between processes, enabling efficient supply at the required time. Since loading and unloading instructions are given by PC, first-in, first-out management and sequential delivery are easy. The system can also handle complex operational management that is difficult to handle with human labor.


Case Handling System

Multi-Product Case Handling System


This system integrates intelligent robots and AGVs to optimize the loading, unloading, stacking and shelving of various containers and cases. The company’s unique robot intelligence technology enables real-time robot motion generation and seamless interfacing with AGVs without the need for prior instruction. The operating status of the entire system can be checked remotely via software, making it easy to monitor the situation even in the event of unexpected problems.


Automatic Loading Equipment


Okura Yusoki

Designed for logistics sites where about 30 trucks come and go each day. The TL-3F loads two pallets at a time without gaps and can load 16 pallets, the volume of one truck, in 12 minutes. The  mast tilt mechanism tilts the mast slightly when lifting the pallets, enabling loading in a stable position and preventing the load from collapsing. The compact structure, consisting of rails and the main body of the loader, reduces the installation space.


Automatic Transfer System

M/C-DIO System

Seibu electric & Machinery

This system automatically transfers workpiece loading platforms (pallets) to the machining center, allowing automatic operation on holidays and at night. It is equipped as standard with a progress history management function for each workpiece machining process. Internet of Things (IoT) automation technology enables real-time production and operating status management. In response to fluctuations in demand, machining, assembly and shipping processes can be efficiently automated. It also supports the display of work instructions on monitors and the robotization of setup stations.



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