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Nakamura-Tome launches servo driven built-in transport system

September 29, 2023

Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry (HAKUSAN, ISHIKAWA; CEO: Shogo NAKAMURA) has launched a new product, “Compact Loader servo”. The Compact Loader is a built-in transport system to load blank materials and unload finished parts, and the new product is a servo type that operates with servo drives on all axes. 

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 Development background 

The most notable feature of the conventional Compact Loader is that the height of a machine remains the same even after it is attached to the Compact Loader, and it has gained a good reputation. However, the company has also received frequent requests from customers to improve the setup process. In developing the Compact Loader servo, it has improved the repeated positioning accuracy to be equivalent to that of a gantry loader by changing the operation of the vertical axis to the servo drive. This change makes it possible to set the teaching point more precisely, thus improving the setup performance. 


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