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MITSUI SEIKI promotes energy-saving and customized solutions

March 1, 2024

MITSUI SEIKI KOGYO (Saitama, Japan, President: Hiroyuki Kawakami) hosted a factory tour at its main factory on February 8 and 9. About 200 people were invited by advance reservation. At the event, five machines were on display to demonstrate their machining technologies. The assembly area was also open to the public, and visitors enjoyed viewing the machines on display and a demonstration of scraping in the factory. 

The “Vertex 55 Ⅲ” 5-axis machining center (MC) on display proposed the reduction of power consumption (=photo). The company’s own compressor was placed next to the MC and connected to its control system to save energy by optimally operating the compressor according to the MC’s operating program. Together with the reduction of the MC’s air consumption, the compressor’s power consumption can be reduced by up to 20%. 

In the assembly area, the “SJ529,” the company’s first lathe, was on display. It is a custom-made product ordered by a customer and has the same high precision as the MC. President Kawakami said, “Energy-saving proposals are our strength as a manufacturer of machine tools and compressors. We were also able to develop the lathe because we are experts in manufacturing customized machines.”


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