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Corresponding widely from high-speed machining to heavy cutting

January 18, 2019

Horizontal Machining Center


Okuma launched horizontal machining center “MB-5000HII”, which has functions ranging from high-speed light cutting to heavy cutting.

In the automobile industry, which is performing well worldwidely, aluminum casted parts are mainly used like engine cases.

Intermittent processing of stainless steel, castings, and forged parts is required for the part machining for construction machines, hydraulic products, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

“MB-5000HII” can cope with both processing, and it also meets the needs of automation and productivity improvement.

In the case of aluminum engine case machining, the cycle time was shortened by about 34% compared with conventional ratio.

In addition, the acceleration was increased to 1 G at the maximum, and the tool change time of the automatic tool changer (ATC) was reduced to 0.9 sec, which was 30% less than the conventional one.

The newly developed spindle realizes high rigidity and high torque.

MB-5000HII adopt a high-rigidity roller bearing with a diameter of 90 mm, and is equipped with a strong motor with a maximum torque of 302 Nm (Newton meter).

The “OSP-AI” function is installed to confirm the operating condition of the machine by artificial intelligence (AI), and the stoppage of the machine can be prevented in advance.

Okuma’s intelligent technology “Thermo-Friendly Concept” provides autonomous thermal displacement correction and realizes machining accuracies even for a long time of unmanned operation.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine November issued

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