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Amada’s market strategies (2): Established affiliated corporation in UAE

April 10, 2019

Sales and service system strengthen

AMADA HOLDINGS, Japanese sheet metal processing machine builder, has established affiliated corporation for sales and service in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on December 2018 to expand sales in the Middle East and to enhance services. AMADA HOLDINGS incorporates the expansion of emerging markets into growth strategy in mid-term management plan, and has been steadily expanding sales and service network.

The infrastructure in urban area, such as construction and electrical facilities, has been developed in response to economic policies aimed at overcoming oil dependence in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Local metalworking industries has also been expected to develop.

AMADA HOLDINGS has been conducting sales activities for the Middle East through sales agents so far. However, AMADA HOLDINGS introduced the system which could sell products and support service directly to local customers this time. Because it realized that further growth was expected by showing off machining technology and solution proposal ability with the expansion of the market.

AMADA HOLDINGS aims to triple sales in Middle East region compared with 2017 sales by 2021.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine December issue

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