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Amada’s market strategies (1): Established Technical Center for sales and service in Korea

April 8, 2019

AMADA HOLDINGS, Japanese sheet metal processing machine builder, established a new Technical Center (TC) in Incheon City, Korea in October 2018. AMADA HOLDINGS incorporates the expansion of emerging markets into growth strategy in mid-term management plan, and has been steadily expanding sales and service network.

Proposing solutions with enhanced functions

AMADA KOREA, Amada group’s company for sales and service, established Incheon Technical Center in Korea and began operations in October 2018.

TC is newly constructed in an area where cutting-edge industries gather.

It integrates showrooms, previously separate at two locations, about twice as much space as conventional ratio. It also has seminar room and presentation room.

The new facilities will be installed, including automated fiber laser cutting machines.

Besides, a wide range of support for sheet metal machining will be offered, such as seminar which meet the issues of Korean market, and training how to operate machine and software for operator of client companies.

In South Korea, IT and electronics industries has continued to perform well, as investment in manufacturing and inspection equipment for semiconductors, liquid crystal and organic EL displays has increased.

AMADA KOREA has already relocated head office to the building next to TC.

The total floor area of TC is 1800 m2.

AMADA KOREA aims to increase sales in South Korea by approximately 1.6 times by fiscal 2021 compared to fiscal 2017 by establishing a sales and service collaboration system and strengthening support for enhancing customer competitiveness.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine December issue

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