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There are still markets that an be targeted: Interview with Tsutomu Isobe, President of AMADA HOLDINGS (2/2)

July 22, 2019

Interview with Tsutomu Isobe, President of AMADA HOLDINGS

Facilitate the production reforms of customers

Mr. Tsutomu Isobe, president of AMADA HOLDINGS, a manufacturer of various metalworking machines, points out that for their flagship fiber laser cutting machines “there are still large markets that can be targeted.” They support the production reforms sought by their customers with solution and automation proposals.  AMADA HOLDINGS will exhibit a variety of sheet metal processing machines and stamping press machines at MF-TOKYO 2019, which starts on July 31, 2019.

— MF-TOKYO 2019, the largest press, sheet metal processing, and forming exhibition in Japan, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 31, 2019.

From among AMADA Group, AMADA   will exhibit a  booth for the sheet metal processing machine business in the south hall, and AMADA ORII will set it up a display booth for the stamping press business in the west hall.  At the AMADA booth, the first thing we would like you to see is the “VENTIS-3015AJ” fiber laser cutting machine, which was launched in June 2019.  It is equipped with the world first innovative technology called Locus Beam Control (LBC), which can manipulate the laser beam and create an infinite number of locus patterns.   It is effective for cutting high reflection materials that are difficult to  absorb beam, such as stainless steel and aluminum.  Customers can select the optimum solution from a  variety of processing mode, improving productivity, or cutting with high quality depending on the application.

— It is very interesting technology.

In addition, we will also exhibit the “ENSIS-3015AJ”, which is equipped with a 9 kW fiber laser oscillator.  It features high-speed and stable processing  multiple products and variable quantities from thin to thick sheet metals, stably at high speed.  I thought that the demand would not be that high when we launched the 9 kW high-output machine; however, we have received quite a lot of inquiries.  According to our recent sales ratio by oscillator output, high-output machines of 6 kW or more have sold more than we expected.

— Why have high-output machines gained in popularity?

One of the reasons is increased demand for cutting metal plates of medium-to-thick sheet metals.   Our customers are introducing these machines even in domains where they have conventionally cut with methods such as gas cutting.  An output of 9 kW is not required if only performing thin sheet metal processing, but everyone has the desire to expand their business domains by any means possible.

— What other types of machines will be exhibited?

A total of 8 models will be exhibited, including the “EML-2512AJ” punch and fiber laser combination machine, 2 types of welders, and 3 types of press brakes.  For bending processes in particular, we have prepared solutions for saving labor to resolve labor shortages.

— What type of proposals will be made for metal stamping?

In the west hall, AMADA ORII, founded in April 2019, will exhibit a tandem line, which is combined three 80 t servo stamping press machines with  high-speed workpiece transfer robots.  Large-sized stamping press machines have some issues, including high initial costs and a low degree of freedom in layout changes.  However, the “virtual large-sized stamping press machine” consisting of 80 t-class small-sized stamping press machines, a specialty of AMADA ORII, enables easy layout changes and machine replacement.  We propose flexible lines that can only be achieved due to these small-sized machines.

Insights     Shu Yasumi, editor-in-chief

The shortage of workers is one of the biggest issues of manufacturing industry in Japan.  It might be same all over the world, right?  These days, almost all of Japanese processing machine builders are proposing automation systems as “SOLUTIONS” to their customers meaning there are problems not easily solved.  That is, there must be the business frontier when you hear the word; also, that’s the history of human race to disable the solution itself by solve the problem at hand.  What do you see beyond automation?

▶Tsutomu Isobe, President of AMADA HOLDINGS: There are still markets that an be targeted(1/2)

Source:SEISAINZAI MARKETING Magazine July 2019 issue

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