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The cutting tools arrive in the morning of the following day by opening logistics base

August 16, 2019

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal opened East Japan Logistics Base for cutting tools in Kashiwa city, Chiba Prefecture in June 2019. The amount of investment is undisclosed. The size of the center is also undisclosed.

This center is the company’s second domestic logistics base for cutting tools and will be primarily in charge of the north of the Kanto region.

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal had the only one logistics base in Osaka City. But it is the problem that it takes time to deliver to North Kanto and Tohoku region. Now it is possible to deliver by the next morning to customers in the Tohoku region, as well as in the North Kanto region. In addition, the ability to respond to disasters was enhanced by having the two logistics bases.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine July 2019 issue

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