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Panasonic Connect partners with logistics robot manufacturer for warehouse efficiency

April 8, 2024

Panasonic Connect (Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Yasuyuki Higuchi), a Panasonic Group company that provides solution services to enterprises, announced on March 8 a strategic partnership with Rapyuta Robotics (Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah), a manufacturer of logistics robots. 

Through its collaboration with Blue Yonder, a wholly owned subsidiary based in the United States, Panasonic Connect offers a range of services that include warehouse management systems and execution systems. In addition, the company has developed a new “robot control platform” designed to centralize the management of various robot operations within warehouses, and intends to form alliances with robot manufacturers that are compatible with this platform. The alliance with Rapyuta Robotics marks the first step in this initiative; the robot control platform can control Rapyuta Robotics’ “Rapyuta ASRS” automated storage and retrieval system. 

Gajan Mohanarajah, CEO of Rapyuta Robotics, said, “Achieving comprehensive optimization of warehouse operations requires connecting our robots to advanced systems, making Panasonic Connect the ideal collaborator for such endeavors.” 

Akira Sakakibara, CTO of Panasonic Connect, said, “Rapyuta Robotics has a highly flexible and scalable system and superior software technology. We look forward to working with various manufacturers and system integrators in the future.”

Demonstration of Rapyuta Robotics’ automated storage and retrieval system “Rapyuta ASRS”.


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