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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Cutting tools (2/2)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.

Tungaloy / T9200 series

Tungaloy (Hall 4, Stand G41) will show off T9200 series, CVD coating materials for steel turning. T9200 series is excellent in wear resistance in the steel turning.

Overwhelming wear resistance in steel turning is realized thanks to a thick and homogenous aluminium oxide coating layer with high wear resistance and hard-ceramic layer with a thickness of 1.5 times compared to conventional technology. Besides, New Premium Tec, its original technology of surface treatment achieved machining stability. Automotive industry and machinery are expected to be the target markets.

As machine parts become smaller and more complex, more accurate machining is required. Tungaloy offers best solution to users, having TungForce at the head of the list as the demands of users are diversified.


Kyocera / CCX

Kyocera (Hall 5, Stand E70) will combine the strengths of the three brands, including UNIMERCO and SGS, to propose solutions that can contribute to productivity in a wide range of industries, including automobiles, airplanes, and general parts.

Kyocera will introduce products including the CCX of CVD coated material for high speed finishing, PR1725 of new developed PVD coated material for small tools, and SIGC of high accuracy small internal grooving from the Kyocera brand. In UNIMERCO brand, it will propose solutions using special solid tools, and in SGS brand, it will promote new products through demonstrations of machining.

What Kyocera recommends the most is CCX with the catchphrase “reduce cycle time by high speed machining with CVD coated cermet.” A combination of ultra-fine-grained cermet and a very thick CVD coating ensures high speed machining and lead to high productivity.

The two main features are as follows: 1. Longer tool life is realized by superior wear resistance to CVD coated cermet. 2. It is applicable to a wide range of cutting conditions from general to high speed machining.


Asahi Diamond Industrial / CBN vitrified wheel for grinding cam and crankshaft

Asahi Diamond Industrial (Hall 11, Stand A46) will exhibit a large number of cutting and grinding tools such as CBN vitrified wheels using lightweight base metal and diamond tools for CFRP machining.

The top recommendation is CBN vitrified wheel for grinding cam and crankshaft of engines of motorcycles, automobiles, and ships. The three main features are as follows: 1. It is high speed and high efficiency grinding. 2. Good cutting capability and long wheel life are realized. 3. Cutting capability can be controlled by dressing.

The wheel diameter is 5 to1000mm with maximum speed of 200m per second. The materials of the body include steel, CFRP, aluminum, and titanium. The target markets are automobile, precision machinery and machinery.


KANEFUSA / Ferro Max Cold Saw Blade

KANEFUSA (Hall 15, Stand D4) will set “Speed and Yield” as the exhibition theme and will promote improvement of machining speed and yield to the visitors.

What KANEFUSA recommends the most is Ferro Max Cold Saw Blade, which can precisely cut various materials with excellent durability. The catchphrase is “Faster, longer, with better cut quality”. Six types are prepared according to the material to be machined. The automobiles and machinery are expected to be the target market.



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