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It is good compatibility with automation system

December 23, 2019

simultaneous 5-axis machining center


Yamazaki Mazak

Yamazaki Mazak has developed a simultaneous 5-axis machining center “VARIAXIS C-600” to meet the demand for a wide range of automation. VARIAXIS C-600 has enhanced compatibility with automated systems using articulated robots. The users can choose the door which automatically open and shut as an option. The machining area has flat surfaces, and the movable range of the robot hand is sufficiently secured when un/loading the workpiece. The VARIAXIS C-600 adopts “MAZATROL Smooth Ai” as its CNC. Robot teaching through MAZATROL Smooth Ai so it supports the set-up the automation system.

The rotary table is the structure to support the workpiece at two points at both ends, and the rigidity is high. Roller gear cam drive is adopted for B and C axis to realize high speed and high accuracy machining. The workpiece size is 730mm in diameter×450mm in height, and the largest loading weight is 500kg.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine November 2019 issue

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