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Mazak launches 5-axis MC with function to correct thermal displacements

October 1, 2017

Yamazaki Mazak
Simultaneous 5axis machining center

 Yamazaki Mazak launched a simultaneous 5-axis machining center suitable for fine and precision machining of die mold and medical-device components.

The new machine has increased the rigidity of the structure, including the base and column, and improved the rigidity and vibration control of the drive system such as the ball screw and linear guide. By suppressing vibration, the new product achieves high surface quality even when machining with high acceleration and deceleration.

 In addition, by adopting a symmetrical double-column structure, it suppresses the twisting of the airframe due to the temperature change, and maintains the stable machining accuracy. It is equipped with the company’s fastest 45,000 rpm spindle.

A direct drive motor was adopted for the tilt table. The temperature-controlled coolant is circulated through the spindle and the axial center of ball screw to control the effects of heat generated by motor and ball screw. This minimizes vibration, thermal displacements, and back lush, which make productivity and quality reduce, and enables each drive system to achieve high speed and high precision.

In addition, each axis is equipped with high accuracy scale feedback and a thermal-displacement control function “Thermal Shield.” This feature allows the new product to accurately compensate for errors caused by thermal displacement, resulting in highly accurate machining.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING October 2017

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