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DMG MORI develops horizontal MC for large workpiece heavy machining

December 1, 2017

Horizontal machining centers
[NHX 5500/6300
2nd Generation]

A leading machine tool builder, DMG MORI developed horizontal machining center (MC) with No. 50 spindle, which is suitable for heavy cutting machining of large workpieces. DMG MORI responds to user demands for increased cutting capacity and efficient chip evacuation.

The spindle is “powerMASTER” with high cutting capability. The maximum torque is 807 N・m (standard specification) , 157% increase over previous model, and the maximum cutting depth is 1.5 times deeper than conventional model with the MHX 6300, reducing the machining time of high precision parts.

Further, a new machine is equipped as standard with sludge collection function, which uses a high-precision cyclone filter to collect fine sludge in a coolant tank with high efficiency.

The function prevents clogging of pipe and coolant nozzles, and degradation of pump capacity, and shorten the cleaning time in the coolant tank.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING December 2017

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