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Blaser Swisslube awards users

October 17, 2017

Blaser Swisslube Japan invited users and trading companies at hotels in Nagoya on October 17 and opened “Productivity Trophy Ceremony 2017”

Users who used Blaser Swisslube’s coolant and realized processing improvement were honored.

A total of five companies were awarded, including Maeda-tekkou and Kamiya-kenma.

Maeda-tekkou reduced the tooling costs of small diameter drill from 186,000 yen/year to 37,200 yen.

Kamiya-kenma was evaluated with a case that workers’ ruined hands were improved by changing to Blaser Swisslube’s product.

Patrick Mathys, the President of Blaser Swisslube Asia, said “I am glad that it is a case where our customer realized processing improvement by coolant proposed from our company.”

Hiroaki Nishi, the president of Japan branch said “This is the first time this event was held in Japan, but we want to hold this event every year in Japan.”

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