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Toyota receives the New Machine Promotion Award

February 7, 2018

Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry held an award ceremony for “15th New Machinery Promotion Award “(= photo) on February 7, 2018.  A total of 10 studies were awarded.

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry award was awarded to Toyota Motor Corporation “Body skeleton development using laser circular scan welding method”.

The development of a new method of scanning the laser in a circle and stirring the molten metal was evaluated.

The Director-General’s of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Award was awarded to AI Mechatec. The Chairman’s Award of Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry was awarded to six studies, including Mitsubishi Electric’s one.

The award is sent to companies and R&D personnel who have contributed to the progress and development of machinery and industrial technologies through outstanding R&D and its practical application.

Yoshikawa Hiroyuki, the judge chairperoson sent ale to the winners “I want you to focus on research and development that supports the world.”

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