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Yamaha Motor and Tier Ⅳ establish new company for automated transportation

April 1, 2020

Yamaha Motor and Tier Ⅳ, which develops self-driving technology, will establish a new company, “eve autonomy”, in April, 2020 to handle automatic operation of logistics in factories. The capital is 800 million yen. The new company will develop and sell self-driving vehicles and transport vehicles. The company aims to develop an automated transport solution that anyone can handle by combining the technology of Yamaha Motor’s car body development with the technology of Tier Ⅳ’s self-driving operating system.

Yamaha Motor and Tier Ⅳ have been working on joint development of a prototype for an automated transport solution at the Yamaha Motor Hamakita Plant. In March 2020, practical use began on the factory logistics line. eve autonomy will take over this business in the future. As a first step, eve autonomy plans to introduce an automatic transport solution at Yamaha Motor’s domestic and overseas manufacturing plants.

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