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Focus on teach-less technology at a special exhibition

January 20, 2018

“2nd Robodex” exhibition on robot development and utilization was held at Tokyo Big Sight on January 17 to 19,2018.  A total of 114,000 people attended the four exhibitions held at the same time.

A technology that attracted attention was Robot movements with teachless technology.

MUJIN exhibited the robotic controller called ” MUJIN Controller Pickworker.” A demonstration of the loading of loosely stacked workpieces into the machining center was demonstrated (=photo). “Our proprietary Motion Planning AI allows you to easily pick up the bulk work in a deep box with a teachless style,” a spokesman said.

Yaskawa Electric also exhibited “YASKAWA Planning,” a technique to reduce the burden of teaching. When the starting point of the operation, the position of the workpiece, and other conditions are input, an operation program between the starting point and the position and other conditions is automatically generated.

In addition, Kitagawa Iron Works exhibited a robotic hand “Rotational Delivery Gripper RLG” capable of delivering workpieces while turning the spindle of the lathe.  The exhibitors displayed the latest robot-related products.

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