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“Manufacturing World Nagoya 2021”: Great attention to automation proposals (2/2)

April 29, 2021

An exhibition specializing manufacturing industry “Manufacturing World Nagoya 2021” was held at “Port Messe Nagoya” in Minato-ku, Nagoya City from April 7th to 9th, 2021. Many robots and automation equipment were exhibited and attracted the attention of visitors. Here, the automation proposals of each exhibitor company will be reported in two parts.

The first part of this article: “Manufacturing World Nagoya 2021”: Great attention to automation proposals (1/2)

Nikon exhibits vision sensor prototype

Nikon, known as its camera brand, exhibited a prototype vision sensor. The vision sensor is characterized by high accuracy, high speed, and flexibility. Nikon demonstrated at the venue, taking advantage of these characteristics.

The demonstration using the popular toy “pop-up pirate” attracted the attention of visitors. Nikon used a universal robot’s collaborative robot and a vision sensor developed in-house to automate a series of operations in which swords are taken out one by one from a rotating stocker and inserted into the sword hole of a rotating barrel.

Since both the stocker and the barrel are rotating, the position where the sword is taken out and the position where it is inserted always changes. The Nikon’s vision sensor can accurately recognize these moving objects.

Tatsuta automates inspection and transportation of electronic boards

Tatsuta, which sells conduction equipment and hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, showed an demonstration to automate inspection and loading of electronic circuit boards.

Tatsuta exhibited an automated system that combines Mitsubishi Electric’s collaborative robot “MELFA ASSISTA” with vacuum gripper of VMECA in South Korea and Sense Things Japan’s visual inspection camera “MOQSEE”.

MELFA ASSISTA carried the electronic circuit board to the front of “MOQSEE, and MOQSEE judged if the board met the quality or not.

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