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Komatsu’s first carbon neutral plant starts production in Umea, Sweden

August 26, 2021

Komatsu announced on August 18th, 2021 that Komatsu Forest AB(Komatsu Forest), Komatsu’s wholly owned subsidiary, engaging in manufacture and sales of forest machinery and based in Umea, Sweden, began production at its new plant.

The investment amount of the new plant is about 10 billion yen. The floor area of new plant is about 40,000 square meters.

The new plant has consolidated old plants located separately mainly in Umea, optimizing the production process and layout. It has also adopted new manufacturing engineering benefits, including an automatic assembly line with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for the first time in the Komatsu, achieving 30% improvement of productivity compared to old plants. Additionally, it has achieved carbon neutrality, for the first time in Komatsu’s plants, through a substantial reduction of power consumption volume by adopting renewable energy supply facilities, such as solar panels which cover about 19,000 square meters of the roof and heating equipment which uses geothermal energy.

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