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Okuma releases energy-efficient horizontal MC

November 23, 2021

Okuma, a leading machine tool builder, will release a new horizontal machining center (MC), “MA-8000H”, in January 2022.

MA-8000H is equipped with the Thermo-Friendly Concept, Okuma’s proprietary thermal displacement compensation technology, and the “ECO suite plus” new energy-saving system so that the machine autonomously maintains both machining accuracy and energy saving.

The new machine is a horizontal MC with a pallet size of 800mm square. The stroke of each axis is 100mm longer than that of conventional machines, and the travel of the X-axis is 1400mm, the travel of the Y-axis is 1200mm, and the travel of the Z-axis is 1350mm. The target workpieces are large parts for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry and the energy industry. The annual sales target is 100 units.


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