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FUJI opens showroom to expand its market by multitasking machine

February 22, 2022

FUJI, a builder of machine tools and electronic component mounting robots, has opened a showroom in February 2022 at its Toyota Works, in Aichi the main production base for machine tools. The total floor area is about 700 square meters. The company has invested a total of about 1 billion yen in the project, together with the opening of a facility to develop thermal displacement correction technology.

In the showroom, a new multitasking machine “GYROFLEX T4000” was installed, as well as a mass production line with a front facing twin spindle lathe “CSD300II” and a front facing single spindle lathe “CSS 300II” connected.

For many years, FIJI has been supplying turnkey systems and mass production lines to large customers in the automotive industry. However, the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century period of major change, and the mode of production is shifting from mass production to variable volume production. In response to the growing need for variable volume production, the company has developed “GYROFLEX”.

Hajime Ezaki, Managing Executive Officer, Board Member said, “In the past, we have been focusing on reducing cycle time and have not been able to offer process consolidation solutions. We are now offering “GYROFLEX” to meet the demand for process integration.”

The reason the company opened a showroom is to make these efforts widely known to customers and trading companies.

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