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Casting equipment manufacturer takes on the robot market

February 23, 2022

SINTOKOGIO, a casting equipment builder, is serious about exploring the robot market. The company will be exhibiting at “iREX2022”, which will be held from March 9, 2022, and will be showing off a number of new products.

One of the featured products is the printed circuit board (PCB) insertion application that utilizes “ZYXer”, a proprietary strain gauge type 6-axis force sensor. An industrial robot equipped with the “ZYXer” takes the place of a human to insert connector components into PCBs. This 6-axis force sensor can detect the nuanced force and insert the connector parts into PCBs, thus automating the insertion process.

At the iREX2022, the company will also present for the first time its new “ZYXer” products and “ZYXerPath” off-line teaching software, which works with the “ZYXer”.

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