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MAZAK’s fiber laser machine for medium-thick plates processing

March 11, 2022

2D fiber laser cutting machine

YAMAZAKI MAZAK, a Japanese leading machine tool builder, launched “OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO”, a 2D fiber laser cutting machine with excellent productivity and environmental performance, simultaneously in Japan and Europe.

In the semiconductor industry, demand for the machining of thick plate parts used in manufacturing equipment is increasing. In the construction and agricultural machinery industries requires higher speed and higher quality machining of medium-thickness plate parts. “OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO” is a fiber laser machine that meets these market needs.

“OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO”, YAMAZAKI MAZAK’s 2D fiber laser processing machine with splendid productivity and environmental performance.

“OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO” is equipped with its original function that controls the beam diameter and beam shape on both oscillator and machine, ensuring focal area more than carbon dioxide gas lasers. The cutting speed of mild steel is up to 76% faster than conventional fiber laser models, and the machinable plate thickness is widened from 25 mm to 32 mm. It is equipped with the new “MAZATROL SmoothLx” CNC device with a wide screen.

MAZAK will also focus on environmental friendliness. By using a fiber laser oscillator, power consumption has been reduced by approximately 60% compared to previous models with carbon dioxide lasers. Furthermore, the newly developed processing technology has significantly reduced the consumption of nitrogen gas during cutting. Gas consumption has also been successfully reduced by up to 85% compared to conventional fiber laser machines.

Maximum processing dimensions are 1525 x 3050 mm; oscillator output is 15 kW; machine dimensions are 11260 (width) x 5085 (depth) x 2300 mm (height).

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