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[RTJ2022 #3] The highlight is “Robot x Machine Tool”

June 29, 2022

ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (RTJ) 2022, an exhibition of industrial robots and automation systems, will soon be held at Aichi Sky Expo in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, for three days from June 30 to July 2, 2022. One of the most unique features of RTJ2022 is the large number of machine tool builders exhibiting at the show. Automation systems that unite industrial robots and machine tools will be one of the highlights of this event. SEISANZAI Japan editors caught up with the latest solutions from machine tool builders exhibiting at RTJ2022.

The focus is on the Cobot system

DMG MORI will exhibit its “MATRIS Light,” a work handling system that uses a collaborative robot (Cobot). MATRIS Light uses a hand cart equipped with a Cobot, which allows operators to set it up within a short time without using special tools. The system can be flexibly moved, and when not in use, MATRIS Light can be quickly removed from the machine tool.


Yamazaki Mazak will also present its new “Ez LOADER20” Cobot automation cell. The Ez LOADER20 allows for easy system start-up, as it can be relocated in about 15 minutes and operation settings can be completed with simple steps. The system is equipped with a large pneumatic robot hand that can transport workpieces weighing up to 10 kg.


Okuma will focus on promoting its “ARMROID”, a built-in robot that operates inside multitasking machines and CNC lathes. The company will exhibit “MULTUS B250II” multitasking machine equipped with ARMROID and other products at RT2022, meeting a wide range of needs from high-mix low-volume production automation to mass-production automation.


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