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DMG helps reduce the time to start processing

July 14, 2022

Software for PCs

DMG MORI has launched “CELOS DYNAMIC post” PC software. CELOS DYNAMIC post is PC software which integrates three functions into one: post processor, cutting simulation, and cutting force optimization, which previously had to be individually purchased. This software alone can convert CAM-generated machining paths into NC programs, simulate cutting operations, and optimize cutting forces. The cutting simulation utilizes the company’s Digital Twin technology to closely reproduce the functions of DMG MORI machine tools, such as machine structure, axis acceleration/deceleration, and tool change time, to accurately simulate actual cutting times and cutting forces.

The system supports the standard functions specific to DMG MORI machine tools and can generate highly reliable NC programs that maximize machine performance, which reduces NC program modification work and cuts down the time from program creation to the start of machining.

CELOS DYNAMIC post also contributes to the energy saving and SDGs through digital trial machining simulation, eliminating the need for trial machining on the actual machine.


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