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Evolved fiber laser punch press by Muratec

August 8, 2022

Fiber laser multitasking machine “MF30510HL”

Murata Machinery has launched “MF30510HL,” a fiber laser multitasking machine that handles laser, drilling, forming, tapping, and other sheet metal processing.

The MF30510HL is a multitasking machine based on a turret punch press with fiber laser cutting added. With a maximum work size of 1524 × 3048 mm, this new machine can process larger workpieces than the conventional machine (maximum work size: 1219 × 2438 mm).

The punch press unit has a press capacity of 30 tons. MF30510HL can handle various forming processes such as louvers, and its tapping process is servo-controlled for high-quality machining. The maximum processing thickness is 6.35 mm, and the maximum loadable workpiece weight is 150 kg.

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