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New iMX series with higher damping effect and burr suppression

September 7, 2022

Exchangeable Head End Mill “iMX-C6HV-C 6″

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS has launched “iMX-C6HV-C”, a 6 flute, corner radius head with coolant hole and an irregular helix addition to “iMX Exchangeable Head End Mill Series”.

By making all the contact faces of the head and holder out of solid carbide, the iMX series when assembled exhibits high rigidity, close to that of solid tools. This series is highly economical because it allows easy exchange to a different type of head according to the required application.

The iMX-C6HV-C is a vibration damping, 6 flute, corner radius head with a thorough coolant hole which reduces tooling costs and improves machining efficiency by consolidating tools and processes from rough milling through to finish machining.

Key features of the iMX-C6HV-C

1. Adopts a minimum rake clearance angle that successfully achieves burr suppression and vibration damping whilst maintaining edge sharpness.

2. The center through coolant hole is highly effective when machining the corners of pockets where external coolant is not sufficient.

3. The unequal pitch of the flutes creates an irregular helix angle, which achieves stable machining and suppresses chatter.



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