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KHI launches automated de-palletizing solution for the logistics

December 9, 2022

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a Japanese leading robot manufacturer, has launched a de-palletizing solution for the logistics field that automates the process of unloading cases from pallets (cargo beds) with robots.

This product is capable of unloading more than 650 cases per hour. There is no need to register the case type or loading/unloading pattern in advance, as the system automates the unloading process by using the company’s original “3D AI vision system” to detect the shape of the cases. Even when special-shaped cases are distributed, the artificial intelligence (AI) can learn additional information to enable shape detection.

To launch this product, the company has collaborated with nine system integrators, such as FA Products. The system integrators provide system upgrades, including peripheral equipment, at the end-user’s work sites.

The company intends to propose labor-saving solutions for unloading operations through this de-palletizing solution, and to help the logistics industry overcome the serious labor shortages and rising costs.

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