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DMG MORI’s Mill-Turn Centers for mass-production of complex parts

December 14, 2022

Mill-Turn Centers “NZ-Platform”

DMG MORI has released the “NZ-Platform” of Mill-turn centers fit for the mass production of complex-shaped parts. With max. 4 turrets available, these machines are the perfect solution for process integration of automotive and hydraulic/pneumatic component manufacturing.

For a sustainable future, the world is gradually shifting towards electric vehicles and industrial machinery with small carbon footprints and state-of-the-art hydraulic/pneumatic equipment. To reduce CO2 emissions in not just these production processes but across the whole supply chain, machine tools capable of efficient large-lot production are in high demand.

The “NZ-Platform” is a lineup of Mill-turn centers specialized in integrating processes for high accuracy/complex-shape workpieces on a single machine. By offering multiple machine structures and high flexibility, the “NZ-Platform” seamlessly adjusts to customers’ production needs and enables high productivity.

Customers can freely choose the number of turrets, turret position, and whether to include B-axis or not. The max. specification consists of 4 turrets. Milling function and Y-axis are available as standard and B-axis as option on all turrets. The basic machines are predefined by DMG MORI for customers to select the model which best suits their production: “NZ DUE” with 2 turrets, “NZ TRE” with 3 turrets, and “NZ QUATTRO” with 4 turrets. Two machining lengths are available, the Short Type with 740 mm and the Long Type with 1,290 mm. Also, for further cycle time reduction, customers may choose the newly developed Twin Spindle for double collet application on the Z-axis to perform 2 simultaneous processes on the Right and Left Spindle. The turnMASTER spindle with 7,000 min-1 rpm delivers highest performance on both sides; and the milling spindle with 12,000 min-1 rpm ensures high performance and accuracy. Finally, the “NZ-Platform” is 28% more compact than its predecessors while also being more productive.

In addition, automation systems for mass production such as in-machine traveling loader systems for in process workpiece transfer or a bar feeder interface for automatic bar supply can be connected without taking much space and further raise productivity. Turrets can hold up to 64 tools to reduce tool setup time and enable long periods of unmanned operation. Furthermore, as the global DMG MORI has achieved carbon neutrality in all processes from parts procurement to product shipment, the “NZ-Platform” is a fully carbon neutral product. The reduction of cycle times through process integration and automation boosts productivity and helps to reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption.

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